Thursday, July 31, 2008


When I was growing up my cousins lived across the street.. They were some one I spent most of my time with... I really didn't realize how important it was to grow up with cousins till I had my own children... I have five nieces and nephews... Unfortunately three of them don't live close but I have two nephews who do... It seems recently my nephew Grant and my oldest Hayden have become great friends....(and they even let Brycen tag along) It makes my heart so happy to see them get along and want to hang out with one another... Even though they are a few years apart they still have alot in common... They like to meet at Grandmas house and swim and ride skate boards... Their new thing is to catch lizards.. Yuk!! Hayden wants to do everything Grant does... He wants the same hair cut,clothes,sunglasses,you name it he knows what Grant would get... I think it's cute how he looks up to him... I think it makes Grant feel good too...

Then their is Garrette he is Olivia's favorite and he is so good with her... She says Garrette's her "Best Friend".. Too cute

I think family is so important ... I always wanted a big family ...I look forward to the kids growing up and having their own families to make us one big family... Their a special bond with cousins...I hope that the friendships they are building now with their cousins is a lasting friendship...I'm sure it will be


Michal said...

even though i lived far away from my cousins, i still was close to the two who were near my age. i have great memories of summer vacations together and family reunions and such. and i love seeing how much my kids enjoy their cousins now that they are all getting a little older.
don't you have one more nephew in town? i can't remember his name but he's a baby?

Christine said...

SOo cute- I love the shot with Olivia and Garret!