Monday, July 21, 2008

Olivia's Binky

Is there something wrong with this picture?
Yes I am well aware that she is three and still has her Binky....I have tried to go cut the end off, loose them all, make her throw them all away, have the Binky fairy come to take them away, give them to a new baby, and every time I give it back to her... Thank you for all the suggestions I truly have tried every one of them...The girl will just make me crazy till I give it to her.. I know I'm weak but I really have tried I just also need my sanity.... Sometimes I think she will eventually get rid of it . How many kids do you know who go to school with one? Then I worry about her teeth every girl has to have a beautiful smile...She does have one you just can't see it all the time...And imagine the orthodontic bills...(let's not go there) When she starts in her I want My Binky chants even the boy's go running to find it just too shut her up...I am tired of looking for Binkys every nap and bedtime ...That's the only time she is supposed to have have it... So she says shes tired all the time ...(smart girl if you ask me) Once again I'm going to try to get rid of it once and for all ... If you have any suggestions I am still open to them... But if you still see her with it please don't remind me of how I have let her win... I 'm picking my battles... And I will tell you , If you would like to take her and break her of this habit then be my guest... I bet you will bring her back within 30 mins. of her saying... I want my Binky!!!!


Michal said...

this too, shall pass!:)

katie said...

Hi Mandy! Its Katie. My mom forwarded your blog to me and i think its super cool. so i just wanted to let you know im checkin up on your kids!