Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kid's Say the Darndest Thing's

A few weeks ago Hayden fell and hurt his wrist I took him to the med clinic to have x-ray's (don't you know it always happens on a weekend and when Matt is at work) The Doctor said it was a possible hair line fracture , she would let us know in a few day's .... This is the conversation I over heard yesterday.

Neighbor to Hayden : Hayden how's your wrist I thought you broke it

Hayden to Neighbor: No just a Air Line Fracture

Too cute I couldn't help but bust out laughing along with the neighbor of course he didn't even know what he did...


Barbara said...

Hello Mandy
How funny/cute to see Hayden's remark - just as we heard it from him. This BLOG is very nice. We'll be checking it often. Bye for now. See you soon!


Michal said...

tee hee hee! air line fracture! that's a good one!
i love the picture of him in this post.

Rayann said...

I love the picture with Olivia at the bottom of the page smiling and the one with the hat on too.Very cute. Rayann