Thursday, July 31, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Today is Matt's Birthday and all he wanted was cherry turnovers and coffee in bed.. So I got up at 7am and went to the grocery store... I got his cherry turn overs... The kids took in their cards, coffee and turn overs and of course woke him up...So much for sleeping in on your birthday..They were excited and couldn't wait.

Matt had to work today on his Birthday ... So the kids and I decieded to make cup cakes and surprise him with dinner and a birthday treat...We took him I Love Terriyaki and yellow cake with chocolate frosting cup cakes his favorite ....I think he was happy we came by for the surprise... The kids thought it was great...

Hopefully he we made him feel special and loved on his special day ....Isn't that what it's all about... We love you .. Happy Birthday!!!

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Michal said...

i never called you today, but i kept thinking "it's matt's birthday--they're spending time together." i forgot he had to work.
hope it was a happy one, matt!