Monday, August 4, 2008

He THinks He's A Man

Last night I was laying down in my bed I have been fighting a cold or allergies I'm not sure witch... Any way I was laying down in my room ... Hayden came in and ask if he could take a shower in my bathroom... Me feeling bad said sure why not...After several minutes of hearing the shower I heard the sink water running.... I thought what a good boy brushing his teeth without me even asking him...Then he emerged from the bathroom with a smirk on his face almost looking guilty , but I thought he knows I'm happy be brushed without asking...As he walked from the room I smelled a very familiar smell.. One I love after shave.... Then I realized that's not just any after shave it's Matt's....

Hayden: Mom don't get mad at me

Me: What did you do that I would be mad?

Hayden: I used daddy's shave cream but I washed it right off

Me: Why would I be upset at that?

Hayden: Because (smirk) I also used the razor

Me: Are you cut? (trying to sound calm) Where did you shave?

Hayden: No I'm not cut and I did my nick and cheeks

After complete inspection I think pretty good job not even a nick not bad for a rookie... After having the discussion that he really isn't old enough to shave yet and you could cut yourself he admits he just wanted to see how it feels... I can except that he's curious and growing up...(way to fast )

A little later I go into the bathroom and there I see the shave cream and razor on the sink I think little stinker I still can't believe he didn't cut himself... Then I look closer and What do I see ? He left the cover on the blade...HAHAHA No wonder he didn't cut himself ...He maybe growing up but thankfully he doesn't have it all figured out...

And I didn't tell some things are better not known...


Michal said...

that hayden does want to grow up so fast. doesn't it make you giggle when you see that there really is still a little boy in there, even if he can't wait to be just like his daddy?

grandma w said...

That's funny. Hope he doesn't learn about the cover on the razor for awhile.