Sunday, August 31, 2008


This week has been a busy week I haven't had time to post that much... The boy's started school and baseball practice... Hayden has been playing the last four years and Brycen the last two, It's really time consuming but they really like it and Matt enjoys coaching them...A lot has changed this season
the boy's are learning to pitch ... Which isn't as easy as it sounds Hayden being a perfectionist has had a hard time with this... He wants to just do it and it hasn't come that easy for him... He is used to trying something and mastering it from the beginning but not this time... He still is a excellent player he is a great batter and good at fielding the ball... I trying to help him see we all have things were good at that's why it takes a team... Not an easy concept for a 8 year old but he will get it.As for Brycen he is the youngest on the team he is still working on a lot of his skills, even though he isn't a bad player he has the biggest heart out there... He is always ready to do what ever is ask of him and when he hits the ball the smile on his face is priceless...He tells Matt and I he was born to play baseball... You never know maybe one of them will make it to the big leagues, maybe not but a college scholarship would be nice...I'm really proud to see the boy's out there they give it there all, and It's great to see Matt enjoy something with them... he is a great coach he really care about every kid out there and always gives them a 100%... These boy's sure do make me proud..
This is the boy's warming up Of course Olivia has to warm up too...

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Michal said...

so fun to have them love something that their dad loves too. i wonder if that's one reason why baseball has been so popular for so long--it's a father-son bonding thing.
we are trying to teach kimball how to stick with something that isn't easy right now. that's harder when lots of things come easily. he gets so down on himself for messing up. i guess maybe it's a first born thing!