Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Race For The Cure

As some of you may know these last few months I have been dealing with a lump in my breast. At first I wasn’t quiet sure what to think although they don’t think that I have cancer at this time they are going to totally remove it to make sure it doesn’t keep changing. At first when I heard this my life flashed before my eyes... I thought I’m too young to have this. This can’t happen to me... Slowly I started to tell my girlfriends and I realized how many women go through this at so many ages. Almost everyone I talked to knows some one who has had breast cancer or has had a lump just like me. As women I think we sometimes don’t take time for ourselves. So please do your self exams they are very important... Fortunately I did mine and found my lump early…

This year I decide I’m going to walk in THE RACE FOR THE CURE. There are too many women who are under educated and I want to turn my negative into a positive. Please support me in this cause. This year the race is May 9th. All I ask is you either come walk with me or please support me with your encouraging words. You can also sponsor me all donations go to more research for finding a cure. I have faith that everything for me will work out but there are too many women who it might not.

I’m trying to put a team together so if you would like to join me in the walk Please let me know and I will send you the link. If you know anyone who may be interested Please pass my email along.

Thank You,

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Michal said...

i think i emailed you about this already, but i'm in as long as it's a saturday. (it usually is, but lots of races are on sundays.) i've been meaning to do this for years and have just needed someone to do it with. so count on me.