Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I Am" Meme

I am: Devoted to my family and have proven to my self to be much stronger than I thought

I have: A lot of thing's to be grateful for: Family, friends,Great Husband and kids , a roof over our head.

I dislike: petty people

I miss:My Grandmother she was everything to me, My Kindred Spirit

I fear: Losing a child or one of my parents

I feel:happy were my life is and is going

I smell: Sweet I love perfume and wear it everyday ( I hope you think it smells good)

I cry: A lot I cry really easy T.V. shows ,music, watching my kids play sports , I guess I'm just a crier

I usually: Am ready for anything

I wonder: What the future will bring.

I regret: Yelling at my kids .

I love: Spending time with Matt and the way he makes me feel.

I care: about the friends in my life.

I always:check my email and MySpace

I am not: ever going to admit defeat

I remember: Words to almost every song on the radio

I believe: Their is a plan for me and my family

I dance: with the kids we love to Tango.

I sing: All the time ( the kids ask me too stop)

I don't always: get my way. But I usually do!:)

I argue: When I'm tired

I win: sometimes, but not consistently. But I love to play.

I lose: Socks I don't understand how they all make it to the washer but come out missing

I wish: there were more hours in the day.

I listen: To my friends

I don't understand: Why my kids can't ever Listen

I need: a little time for myself once in a while

I forget: Every thing I have the worst short term memory My friends will tell you I forget mid sentence what I'm saying

I am happy: With who I have become

1 comment:

Michal said...

we have so much in common! i guess that's why we're friends. i miss spending more time with you (even on the phone) lately. let's make a date.