Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cookin Girl

The last few weeks Olivia has decided to help me cook. Every time I go to the kitchen she pulls up a chair . Most of the time it makes me crazy it takes twice as long to do everything. Then I remember I'm supposed to be teaching her how to me a good wife and mommy. She isn't going to learn to cook unless she gets her hands dirty. Besides I'm guess I just happy she wants to spend time with me. She now tells everyone " My mommy and I are cookin girls". She warms my heart when she looks over at me and say "Were cookin girls right mom". Yes we are . She makes me crazy but she's a special little girl.

Thanks Grandma Darlene for our matching aprons!!!

1 comment:

Michal said...

she is so adorable. and i love the aprons. bronwen can't stand it if i cook without her help, and she always asks to wear her "bra"--the apron!:)