Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Class Clown

So today Hayden comes home and tells me the sad news he pulled a card at school. Which pretty much is a warning. So I said well I'm not real happy about this Hayden. His sad little face say's sorry mom. So I asked him what did you do ? (Usally it's for talking) He said well we were writing stories and the teacher said "FREEZE" and I did this

I couldn't help but contain my laughter.. How can you be mad when it's so funny.I'm still laughing as I write this. I guess I have a class clown on my hands.I guess the teacher didn't think it was as funny as I do.


Grandma said...

How could anyone pull a card on that?? No sense of humor?? That's our boy. It's personality, what can I say.

Michal said...

lol. just like his dad, don"t you think?