Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Of Those Day's

I know I haven't been keeping up on this blog very good lately ... I have had a lot going on some major changes in our lives... Never mind the fact that it's Christmas time... Any way after a long day today I found myself on the computer trying to escape the insanity of my family ...I haven't even started my Christmas cards and am thinking at this point it's might not happen, anyway as I went through pics of this last year I came across this one

I have to say it brightened my day... Every time I look at it it makes me laugh... What a sassy little goof ball... Hopefully I can get over my blogger block and start writing again...


Michal said...

have you guys really been in that house for over a year now? where did the time go?
she is a sassy little goofball--and an adorable one, too.
just scrap the christmas cards. you have my permission.

Christine said...

I love it! Let's get together and do Christmas cards together. I really want to get mine out this year, and I haven't started- except that I found them- yes- found- not bought- I bought them last year and never got them out :)